Family of Carl and Caroline Ball


Ball, Carl (Charles) son of Luthwig Ball

was born 4 Feb 1826 at Nackel, Regeringstoozlisok, province of Posen, Prussia (Germany). He died 12 Dec 1915 at the home of his daughter, Bertha Ball Backes in Union twp., Benton CO., Iowa. Stone placed 1976 by grandson Ed Hagen.

married to Caroline Ball (maiden name Ball) on 22 Jan., or 5 Dec 1851 in same address as above.

Ball, Caroline, daughter of unknown

was born 28 Sept. 1824 or 1829 in Nackel, province of Posen, Prussia and died 18 Feb 1908 in Guttenburg, Clayton Co., Iowa. Both were buried in Guttenburg City Cemetery.



John: Born 22 Oct 1852, Germany

Died 25 Oct 1852, buried in Germany


Bertha: Born 22 Jan 1854 Bromberg, province of Posen, Germany

Died 8 Sept 1923 Union twp. Benton Co. IA

Married: 3 March 1876, Guttenburg, IA

to Paul Backes (2 July 1850 - July 1936)

Children: William Backes, Mary Schultz, Bertha Rieck, George Backes, Carl Backes, Eliza Cade, Anna Wagner, Louis Backes, Edward Backes, Rosie Ruff, twins Edna Voeltz and Selma (Selma died at 9 y/o), Fred (died in infancy), Albert Backes

Buried: Luzerne, Benton Co. IA


Theodore: Born 3 Sept 1856, Clayton Co. IA

Died 1 March 1872, Clayton Co. IA

Buried St. Paul Cemetery, Jefferson

twp. Clayton Co. IA (no stone)


Wilhelm: Born 30 Dec 1858 Clayton Co., IA

Died 16 Dec 1399 Clayton Co., IA

Married 4 March 1884

to Kresentzia Eberhard (June 5,1866- January 7, 1945)

Children: Katy, Flossie, Gusta, Ella, Mary, Sam, Ed and Helmutt

Buried St. Paul's Cemetery, Jefferson twp. Clayton Co., IA


Wilhelmina: Born 15 Dec 1861, Clayton Co. IA

Died 4 March 1945, Perry, IA

Married 13 Sept 1883, Zion Lutheran Church, Clayton Center,

Clayton, IA to Wilhelm August Bernau (23 Apr 1854 - 8 Oct 1894)

Children August Carl Bernau, Ida Augusta Radke, Hulda White, Martha Clayton, John Bernau, Laura Jurgenson, Lena Addy

Buried Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Jefferson twp. Madison Co. IA


Augusta Mary: Born 16 Sept 1863, Clayton Co. IA

Died January 20, 1938

Married 1 Apr 1887 to Adolph Busacker (he died in 1907)

Children: Selma Birkman, Delphus Busacker, Leona Eckoff, Isabella Ritter


Ludwig (Louis) Born 23 Oct 1865 Clayton Co., IA

Died 20 Sept 1932, Clayton Co., IA

Married 24 Nov 1893 to Minnie ?

Children: 3, all very close together, all died in infancy. She died when last child was born.

Buried: Guttenburg City Cemetery, no stones, in front of Carl and Caroline Ball


Pauline: Born 28 June 1867

Died 14 June 1869

Buried: Probably St. Paul's Cemetery, Jefferson twp. Clayton Co.,

IA; same or next to Theodore


Caroline: Born 28 June 1871

Died 22 July 1951

Married 16 Feb 1892 to Charles Hagen (1856-1936)

Children: Hildegard Amsden, Alfred Hagen, Elise Fasher, Edmund Hagen, Eldo Hagen, Hilma Kickbush, Elfreda Schmaal, Arthur Hagen

Buried in Ceres Pioneer Cemetery, Guttenburg IA, Hwy. 52N


Carl: Born 27 Aug 1874

Died 7 Sept 1919 Clayton Co. IA

Married 19 April 1893 to Henrietta Rhode (3 Oct 1873 - 8 Dec 1971)

Children: Lee Ball, Bill Ball, Tina Ball, May Ball, Mildred Ball, Adaline Earl

Buried Guttenburg City Cemetery, Clayton Co., IA


*Information provided by Emilie Bernau, Martha Clayton, Ed Hagen, Verna Hagen, Selma Radke, Court houses and other historical sources.