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 List of Faulstich Ancestors, Traced Back to the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne (A.D. 742-814)

Family tree of the author's father, Victor Faulstich, back to 1670.

Map of Germany showing cities of origin

NEWPhotos from Linda Wascher

FAULSTICH, Hugo and Dora (GADE)


Born 6/16/1890, Whittemore, IA

Died 5/24/1955, Whittemore, IA

Son of Rev. William & Mary Faulstich


Born 5/30/1896, West Bend, IA

Died 10/10/1967, Whittemore, IA

Daughter of August & Maria Gade

Married 2/11/1920, Whittemore, IA

Parents of: Victor, Mildred, Lorna, Marie, William

Wedding photo

Hugos obituary

Dora's obituary

Gravesite of Hugo and Dora, Whittemore, IA

Hugo & Walter Faulstich families, 1940

FAULSTICH, Rev. William & Mary (STAMER)


Born 5/12/1862, Londorf, Germany

Died 12/13/1932, Whittemore, IA

Son of Johann and Helen Faulstich


Born 5/3/1867, Fenton, IA

Died 3/4/1894, Whittemore, IA

Daughter of Fred and Dorothea Stamer

Married Nov 1887 to Mary, he married Emily Kuehn after Mary's death

William came to the United States in 1868 with his parents and 2 of his siblings aboard the maiden voyage of the S.S. Berlin, from Bremen, Germany to Baltimore, MD.

William and Mary were parents of Walter, Hugo, Olivia, and Euphemia

William and Emily were parents of Julia, Lorenz, Ervin, Alfred, and Hilda

Photo of William Faulstich, 1883

Wedding photo of William and Mary

Grave of Mary (Stamer) Faulstich, Lotts Creek, IA (shared with her brother Franz, who died later the same year)

Grave of Rev. William Faulstich, Whittemore, IA

Obituary of Rev. William Faulstich

Obituary of Mary Faulstich

Faulstich Siblings, 1945

William Faulstich Family, 1910

FAULSTICH, Johann (John) & Helen (CONRAD)


Born 3/15/1831, Londorf, Germany

Died 3/10/1914, Staunton, IL

Son of Gotthard & Anna Faulstich

Operated a tailor/clothing store in Staunton, IL

Faulstich Tailor Store, late 1800's

Faulstich Clothing Store, early 1900's


Born 12/31/1839, Kesselbach, Germany

Died 10/6/1911, Staunton, IL

Daughter of Peter & Margaretha Conrad

Married September 8, 1861 (were married 50 years, 28 days)

Johann was a twin

Parents of William, Catherine, Louis, Elizabeth, Henry, George, Charles, Tina, John, Margaret.

Johann, Helen, their 3 oldest children and Helen's mother came to the United States in 1868 aboard the maiden voyage of the S.S. Berlin, from Bremen, Germany to Baltimore, MD.

Photo of Johann and Helen, 1880's

Photo of Johann and Helen, ~1905

NEWPhoto of Johann and Helen, early 1900s

Copy of Johann's baptismal record

Obituary of Johann Faulstich

Obituary of Helen Faulstich

Grave of Johann, Helen, and Helen's mother, Margaretha, Staunton City Cemetery

FAULSTICH , Gotthard & Anna Elisabetha (NICKLAS)


Born 1/13/1793 Geilshausen, Germany

Died 8/11/1863, Germany

Oldest son of Johann Daniel & Anna Faulstich


Born 11/6/1800, Germany

Died 5/10/1882, Germany

Children: (Daughter); Johann Heinrich; Johann's twin, Elisabethe; (More children?)

Copy of family tree of Gotthard, obtained from church records in Londorf, Germany

FAULSTICH , Johann Daniel & Anna Margaretha (MARKOLF)


Born 1/13/1761 Londorf, Germany

Died 5/23/1832, Germany


Born 4/16/1763 Geilshausen, Germany

Died 5/27/1832, Germany

Married 4/3/1792

Parents of two sons, Gotthard and Johannes, and an unknown number of daughters.

CONRAD, Peter & Margaretha (WERNER)


Born ? in Kesselbach, Germany

Died ? in Germany


Born 1812 in Kesselbach, Germany

Died 1896, Staunton, IL

Parents of Helena Faulstich, Mrs. Christ Fischer, William Conrad

Margaretha emigrated to the U.S. with her daughter Helena and son-in-law Johann aboard the S.S. Berlin in 1868. It is presumed that Peter died in Germany before this time.

Peter was possibly known as William?

NEWPhoto of William and Margaretha Conrad

Photo of Margaretha Conrad, ~1872

NEWPhoto of Margaretha Conrad, and a clip of her hair, 1890s

NEWFuneral card of Margaretha Conrad, 1896

Grave of Margaretha, daughter Helena and son-in-law Johann, Staunton City Cemetery

GADE, August & Maria (VOSS)




August:Son of Johann Heinrich Gade & Cathrine Hilmer


Born 6/12/1863, Pommen, Germany

Died 8/2/1938, Whittemore, IA

Daughter of John & Albertina Voss

Married 4/27/1894

Children: Ernest, Herman, Hugo, Werner, Edwin, Dora (Mrs. Hugo) Faulstich, Erna (Mrs Emil) Bierstedt

August served in the German army at the age of 17 years, and had worked for the Kaiser driving horses. He came to the United States at the age of 25 in 1892 with his brother Herman. Brother Heinrich Wilhelm and sister Marie Dorothea stayed in Germany.

Maria emigrated to the U.S. in 1880 with her parents, John and Albertina Voss, to Elmhurst, IL.

Maria was also married to Ferdinand Bell, who died in 1892. There were six children from this marriage: William Bell, Robert Bell, Otto Bell, Alvina (Mrs William) Meyer, Matilda (Mrs. Herman) Meyer, Lucy (Mrs. William) Roeber.

Obituary of Maria Gade

Obituary of August Gade

Grave of August & Maria (Voss) Gade, Whittemore, IA

Photo of August & Maria (Voss) Gade (1904?)

VOSS, John & Albertine HAASE


Born December 18, 1837, Pustamine Pomern, Germany

Died June 11, 1910, Pomeroy, IA


Born November 10, 1838, Kranlow Strand, Pomerania, Germany

Died June 30, 1921, Pomeroy, IA

Married April 26, 1858

Parents of 11 Children: William, Ernest, Fred, Reinhold, Bertha Bottin, Maria Gade, Mathilda Meyer, and Herman. Three other sons died in youth.

John & Albertine came from Pomerania, Germany in 1881 to Elmhurst, IL. In 1889 they moved to Pomeroy, IA with his brother Albert Voss.

John was a carpenter and factory worker.

Voss Family Photo - 1890's

Obituary of John Voss

Obituary of Albertine Voss

Grave of John & Albertine Voss, Union cemetery, Pomeroy, IA

STAMER, Fred & Dorothea DAU


Born Oct 10 1838, Germany?

Died Mar 14 1923, Fenton, IA


Born Dec 6 1840, Germany?

Died Jan 11 1921, Fenton, IA

Parents of Mary Stamer Faulstich, William C. Stamer(1869 - 1944), Mrs. John Wegener, Franz Stamer (1872 - 1894)

Grave of Fred & Dorothea (Dau) Stamer Fenton, IA

Obituary of Fred Stamer

Obituary of Dorothea Stamer

Photo of Fred & Dorothea (Dau) Stamer (1900?)

GADE, Johann Heinrich & Cathrine Marie D HILMER


Born 3/16/1831, Wittenwater, Germany

Died: ? in Germany

Son of Johann Wilhelm Gade & Cathrine M. Meyer


Born 2/6/1832, Hanover, Germany

Died: ? in Germany

Daughter of Johann Jurgen Hilmer & Catharine M. Niemann

Parents of Maria Dorothea Roeber, Heinrich Wilhelm A Gade, August Gade, Herman Wilhelm Gade


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