The Whittemore Champion December 15, 1932

Rev. W. Faulstich Died Suddenly Tuesday


Entire Community Is Shocked By Death Of This Esteemed Man

One of the greatest shocks that the community has experienced for years was felt last Tuesday morning when word was passed around that Rev. Wm. Faulstich, pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran church, Whittemore, Iowa, had departed this life.

Rev. Faulstich had been attending to his duties as usual, no hint being given that the end of a useful life was so near at hand. The night before his death he attended a meeting at the Lutheran school and retired about his usual hour. Soon after he had arisen Tuesday morning he complained of pains around his heart and before aid reached him he passed away, with his beloved wife by his side.

Rev. William Faulstich was born in Hessen, German, May 18, 1862, and came to America when about six years of age settling with his parents at Staunton, Ill. He attended Concordia college and Seminary and on August 15, 1886 came to Whittemore, Iowa. In November 1887, he was married to Miss Mary Stahmer, who died March 4, 1894. Of this union four children survive, Walter, Hugo, Olivia and Euphemia. On May 5, 1895 he was joined in holy wedlock to Miss Emily Kuehn, at Seymour, Indiana, who had been his staunch helper and beloved companion through the years. To this union five children were born, Mrs. W. Englebart of Kansas City, Mo., Rev. L. W. Faulstich of Los Angeles, Cal., Rev. Alfred Faulstich of New York, and Mrs. C. Carroll of Milwaukee.

Rev. Faulstick had been the guiding hand of the Lutheran church in Whittemore since 1886, and thru all these years as the time has rolled away has endeared himself more and more to the people of this vicinity, not only to his own flock, but also to those of all sects and callings. During his pastorate great changes have come to pass due to his judgment and foresight. In 1886 the Lutheran church holdings in Whittemore did not comprise very much, but through the efforts of Rev. Faulstich, and his congregation, one of the finest school buildings in the state was erected and stands as a monument to his perseverance. In the early years he endeared the hardships of that period, and in spite of the adverse conditions of those times was instrumental in the organization of many of the surrounding parishes, including Fairville, Plum Creek, West Bend and Emmetsburg.

The death of this man is a distinct loss, not only to the parish which he loved so well, but to the community as a whole. He was a staunch citizen and loyal supporter of community activities. He stood for the better things in life and the position he has occupied in the upbuilding of the Lutheran parish will be hard to fill.

Rev. Faulstich, through the years reared a large and respected family. He believed in education and gave to his children every advantage to be had in this respect. The splendid achievements of the children reflect the wonderful home life with which he and his beloved wife surrounded them. He was indeed a true father, and a faithful and loving husband, true to his God and his ideals.

The funeral will be held Friday at 1:30 p.m. from St. Paul's Lutheran church in Whittemore, the body lying in state at the church the day of the funeral from 10 a.m., until the time of the services. Pallbearers will be Chris Meyer, H. F. Schultz, Fred Struecker, H. R. Zumach, John Baas and Herman Meyer. Three pastors will officiate, the Rev. Kabelitz delivering the German sermon, Rev. Kitzman the English and the Rev. Friederick will have charge of services at the cemetery. As we go to press it is not known as to whether all the children can be present, as they are widely separated, east and west.

The business houses of Whittemore will be closed Friday afternoon during the services. 


By I.G. Kitzmann. West Bend, Iowa.

"Come, thou blessed of My Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." Such doubtless was the joyful summons of the divine Master which called the soul of aged, yet active Pastor Wm. Faulstich to the realms of eternal life. He died altogether unexpectedly on December 13, 1932, in the early morning hours. Born May 18, 1862, in Hessen, Germany, he came to our country at the age of six, settling with his parents in Staunton, Illinois. He was taught to eschew evil and to do good, and when he had come to manhood, he had so consecrated himself to the Lord that he determined to enter the holy ministry. After graduating from our theological seminary in Springfield in 1886, he accepted the call of St. Paul's Congregation at Whittemore, Iowa. Here, for forty-six years, he diligently served in days good and evil as a minister of Christ. As a pioneer of our Church in this territory, he labored successfully for the establishment of churches of the pure Word in the surrounding towns. For years he also held the offices of Visitor of his circuit and of chairman of the Northwest Iowa Pastors' Conference.

In 1887 Pastor Faulstich was wedded to Mary Stahmer, who, however, was taken from him by death in 1894. Of this union four children survive. On May 5, 1895, a second marriage was entered upon with Emily Kuehn. God blessed this union with five children, of whom Lawrence and Alfred are serving in the ministry of our Church.

The days of the years of his pilgrimage were 70 years, 6 months, and 25 days. His earthly remains were laid to rest in St. Paul's Cemetery, where Pastor Max Friedrich officiated. The service at the undersigned addressed the vast assemblage in church and, by means of a loud speaker, also those gathered in the spacious parish-school. Special selections were sung by the schoolchildren and the choir under the direction of Teachers Behnke and Jessen.



Much interest has been expressed in the statistics regarding the work done by the late Rev. Wm. Faulstich. Through the co-operation of Prof. Behnke of the Lutheran school we are able to publish the following:

Souls belonging to the church, 510; communicant members, 354; voting members, 84.

During his years of service he baptized 812 persons, confirmed 588.

191 couples were joined in holy wedlock by this esteemed man.

He officiated at 167 funerals.



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